While Su Went to Town

I bought a new phone over the weekend. I had been using the last one for more than four years – the cover was tattered and its original golden colour couldn’t be detected at all. Everyone said I needed a phone and I finally succumbed to public opinion. As I had said elsewhere, I didn’t feel happier as a result. Indeed I felt helpless a couple of times in the first few days, so much so I began to question why I had followed public opinion. I was told that I would get used to it very soon; and so I hope. One immediate and somewhat awkward and unintended consequence was that I could not easily access my regular social media account – I needed help.

In the meantime, Su was down with flu. We signed up for a New Year Eve Countdown Dinner Dance, but we had to retire early because she was not feeling well. For the same reason, we didn’t go near another countdown party in a good friend’s home, lest we became weak and went over. For New Year Day, Su had planned a family day for her parents, siblings and niece, but in the end she couldn’t make it and I was there to host the party on a reduced scale. The two good news that came off were, we won the top prize for the New Year Countdown party and her niece came first in the obstacle race and the entire family were so overjoyed.

Su continued to nurse her cold until this morning; and we depended on my constitution to remain uninfected and disaffected by her conditions which at one time was slightly alarming – she was over 39 degrees Celsius for the best part of New Year Day. We are glad it was over or so it seems – she went off for some household chores, including picking up some food for her parents who are without a helper and for our household, she having promised a few friends to host a party at Mei Foo tomorrow.

For my part, I needed to go to the bank for a couple of chores and to pick up some food for tomorrow after the laundry cycle; and in the meantime, I grabbed the keyboard to record some thoughts.

First, the phone. My IT young friend finally appeared last night to fix the major problems. I am now more comfortable with the device: I can now access my email account on the phone at will; and more relevantly, I can access my social media account normally. Until last night, I was operating two accounts and at one time, I was resigned to using the account which I thought was obsolete, but when I couldn’t access the other at will, I began to sign up many other friends. I am sorry if some friends were upset or confused as a result. That was a temporary aberration precipitated by my mediocre IT skills. Nevertheless, I am not entirely on top of it, but I am learning; and the episode somehow reminds me of my tendency towards inertia and dependence on routines.

The other thing was that the temporary incapacity of Su has once again reminded us that life is indeed fragile and that it is vital to stay healthy. Su had insisted not to take any medicine throughout. At one point, I suggested taking her to the hospital, but she refused. She won’t want to see her conditions further aggravated, she said adamantly. This morning she said that it was her healthy constitution, her life style and her immunity that had healed her. Long may that last!

The laundry cycle has ended; and I need to run. Talk to you soon.

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