My Take on Present Day Hong Kong

My godson’s mother said in passing – almost a month ago by now – that I had not uploaded anything on my website for quite some time. Today I checked. Of course she was right. My last upload was dated 3 January 2019. In the meantime, Su has been writing the odd blogs and has attracted a following with interesting feedback. Obviously, we are not competing for readership, and in any case, I can’t compete with anyone who can cook and who can write about what she has cooked and what she can cook, even though I am often the only person who eats what she cooks apart from she herself. She also has a knack of posting pictures with her blogs which in turn helps to promote viewership.

The City is sick, very sick and people’s moods are affected across the board. The social unrest and the so called societal activities have discouraged ordinary people to go out for eating, meeting and fellowship, which in turn has led to disastrous consequences. Retail suffers the most and shops are closing. The news are biased, people’s views are polarized, families are divided, and people’s livelihood have been seriously hit. I am resigned to agree with Alex Lo that Hong Kong is bleeding slowly to a certain death.

The worst part of the equation is that nothing can be done, nothing can be done by any person in Hong Kong, except those people who have started the disturbances, perpetrated the violence and are determined to cause more riots and destroy the City, but this by definition won’t happen. I can hear people saying already that these people have been forced into such action, which is far from the truth and out of logic, but this is something most newspaper or media editors would not print or tell because they are not interested in telling the truth.

The blogs posted by friends and foes are no different either. Bloggers very seldom if at all disclose sources or take the trouble to verify the facts check. Originators and perpetrators are only interested to discredit the other side, but in the process have been doing very well to discredit themselves in the same breath. It is depressing times indeed.

Very occasionally, articles appear in some media that are by and large accurate and balanced, but unfortunately and unfairly, they are routinely and unceremoniously brushed aside as having been instigated by the SAR or the Central Government. The press is totally and utterly biased and unfair. I don’t know whether the SAR Communication Authority is taking a stance or doing anything about it. Then there is the infamous RTHK with their rude and insolent reporters shouting rude remarks at the Chief Executive without any regard for common courtesy, decency and decorum. The HKSAR has the only government I know that pays journalists with public funds to shoot its only feet. No other governments, left, right or centre, east or west would do such thing.

Amidst such depressing times and with no solutions in sight, the only thing a normal person can do is to eat, drink and be merry, which is why Su and her culinary skills have come such handy are in such great demand. So, today, while waiting for my dinner, I did what I have done, knowing full well even as I was doing it that I won’t have a following and that what I have written would be largely ignored.

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