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Coming Back to Base

By the time I returned base, we would have been away for a full three weeks – I said I because Su would stay in Whistler for two more days; it’s a long story and I would spare you the details – only to return to the mountains again in about ten days, if the […]

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And the Skiing Goes On

Yesterday was not ideal weather for skiing. It had been raining and snowing with strong gusts in upper regions so that skiers were advised to keep their gears within the cabin while riding the gondolas. We actually got up early for breakfast comprising the remainder of the tomahawk steak from Alberta Su bought at Granville […]

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My Writing Career

So it is true, at least empirically, that I write a lot more when I am travelling. Since leaving Hong Kong on 24 February, I have written and uploaded seven blogs. This is the eighth, or one in every two days. Not bad, considering that very often, I didn’t upload anything in four to six […]

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To Yellowknife and Back

Lest I forget, I am recording some thoughts and memories of this small city called Yellowknife (YK) where we had stayed for five days and four nights in between a skiing trip in Whistler. It is small, with 136.2 sq km which is one-eighth the area of Hong Kong, but it is the capital city […]

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Letters from Yellowknife – Day One Part Two

Even before we entered the tent, Raymond had begun to manage our expectation. The prospect of finding the aurora that night was not good, for the weather forecast had suggested that it would be 4a.m. before the clouds would disperse. We sojourned on anyway. The canvas tent was cone shaped, supported on nine wooden poles, […]

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Chasing the Northern Lights

Jim was not well the night before we were to meet. Joan called in the morning just as we were suiting up for a quick run so as to be back in time to meet them, implying that we had a free day. But as we were almost ready for a run, we went ahead […]

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Back to Whistler with my Lenovo

I have lived with this laptop for over ten years by now – Lenovo S10e was a gadget to be reckoned with in 2009 when Su’s sister acquired for me before we took off for our first of a series of honeymoon trips. Well, ten years was not exactly a short period, and as a […]

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