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Farewell Address

Lest you get the wrong idea, I am simply trying to  edit my website. I am taking out “Farewell Address” from the top menu, but not wanting to lose the historical item, which was the last address I made before I stepped down as Rotary International Governor of District 3450 in July 2001. The following […]

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My Writing Career

It is Book Fair Week in Hong Kong again. Typically, publishers and writers would organize some public meetings for book sale and autographing and I found myself in one of them ostensibly organized to discuss how and what and why writers write. It was a good session and afterwards I found myself in a familiar […]

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Leaving Whistler

I can’t remember the last time I received a proper Hallmark Birthday Card, obviously carefully selected and signed, but tonight I did and accompanied by Lindt Excellence Dark Noir and Supreme Dark 90% Cacao, which can’t be bad. Our favourite ski instructor Jim would be 76 the day before my I/D card birthday, and because […]

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It may seem obvious, and it actually is – when one’s child reaches the age of the father at which the child was born, one would be twice as old as his child. Let me illustrate with my own case. My son was born when I was 34. Today he reaches that age, so I […]

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Seven Years On

This is our third trip to Whistler this year, and by next Tuesday when we leave here for New York City and then Chicago, we would have stayed in our room at Whistler Hilton for some 45 nights, which by any standard would make us appear to be rather keen skiers or at least keen […]

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The Reluctant Skier – Prologue

Whistler is actually run by a corporation called Whistler Blackcomb or something similar. It operates the Whistler Blackcomb Snow School and owns many shops and eateries in Whistler and Blackcomb. Most people only know Whistler because of the name and because the Winter Olympics took place on Whistler Mountain. Blackcomb is another mountain just as […]

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The Male Consultation Room – Prologue

It’s not that I do not want to write or have nothing to write about when I am in Hong Kong. I had started writing an issue which is probably still sitting on my desktop, but somehow that’s what it seems. I would leave it to someone capable to formulate a thesis proposal on why […]

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From News to Affordability

It is interesting that we have been picking up Hong Kong news mainly through the social media networks while we are away. However, the only news on TV we picked up about Hong Kong while in Whistler was the apparent disappearance of a few owners and employees of a book store. In any case, apparently, […]

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2015 Year Ender – 19 January 2016

In case you are interested – which is practically a moot point – this is the 168th piece in this Letters series. I hope it brings prosperity and auspiciousness to you and casual readers of this column. This is to be my year ender for 2015 or the Year of the Lamb. A year ender […]

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