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johnwanThis is my personal website and I need to thank many friends for technical support in general and for getting me here in particular.

I had this page set up shortly after I stepped down as a Rotary International District Governor. That was 1 July 2001. A lot has happened since, but I am still keeping my photo. I have since retired from public life, but I still lead an active life and would love to communicate with any like-minded or not-so-like-minded individuals on any aspects of life.

The first postings on the website were all Rotary related. A bit later, I began writing in the format of letters on a variety of subjects which I did haphazardly but mainly while I was travelling in recent years. They are grouped under the respective categories with self-explanatory titles. In July 2015, I was elected Chairman of Convocation of the University of Hong Kong, which is a statutory body comprising all graduates and teaching staff of the premier university of Hong Kong, with membership numbering over 162,000 and still counting. In an effort to reach my members,  I started a “Chairman’s Column” on the Convocation Website; and at the same time generated a new category on this site, called “My Chair Days” to keep all the letters I have written in one place. In September 2016, I decided to leave this job, meaning that there won’t be additions to this category. Again, for management reasons, I started a new category “A New Chapter” in which I would put whatever I am going to write; and I didn’t know what I was going to write. In 2017, and having survived my first trekking experience in Nepal, I started yet another category with the long awaited title “My Travels” to which I would put my thoughts from my travels, beginning with Nepal.

Today is Boxing Day 2017; and I wish you all well.

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