Welcome to JohnWan.org



This is my personal website which I had first begun to keep and maintain in 2001 with the help of many friends for technical support and in other areas.

I had first used this page as a Rotary International DG, or District Governor.  A lot has happened since, but I am still keeping my photo taken in 2001. I have since retired from public life, but have remained active socially and in volunteering work.

I have not been able to travel since mid March 2020 because of travel restrictions worldwide brought about by the corona-virus pandemic. During the lock-down, I began seriously to put together my first autobiography which I finally published in 2020 under the title of “The Middle Child” with a subtitle “A First Memoir“. By mid-January 2021, I have begun to market the book to friends, at HK$300 a copy. It is not a commercial project as such; and I have already donated some proceeds since from the sale to some charities, mainly Rotary International. You can contact me through my email johnwan@netvigator.com if you would like a copy. I have chosen to be my own publisher because I could not find any shops to hold the stock. 

Last year, a young friend helped me improve the outlook of the website which I hope to be more lively. The year 2023 marks my retirement for 20 years; and I am having a re-think on what to do next, particularly now that Hong Kong has plans to open up all borders. In any case, I have decided to continue to share my thoughts on this page, having paid the fees for its upkeep for the next nine years.

Meanwhile, I wish you all well and a fantastic and mindful Year of the Rabbit coming up.

8 January 2023