It was a busy week

My Dear Rotarians and Friends, in particular my Action Presidents,

My brother told me a recent experience. He took a bus home and fell asleep half way. His wallet slipped out of his pocket without him knowing. He got off the bus and was on the ground both feet. The bus had begun to pull off when a young lady on the bus asked the bus driver to stop. My brother looked back, just in time to catch the lady waving at him with his wallet and saying, “You left your wallet on the bus.” He accepted the wallet by reflex across the turnstile as the bus pulled off. He felt pleased on the one hand, but sorry that he could not even have time to say thank you.

How often have we been helped by people whom we do not even know? And how often have we helped people we do not know?

Last Saturday, I was a panelist for the selection of a student to represent Hong Kong for the EnviroSchool 2000 in Canterbury, New Zealand, organised by the Rotary Club of Hong Kong. The project was initiated by the Rotary Club of Lincoln, Canterbury, New Zealand. The Club has applied funds from New Zealand sources to fund 20 overseas high school students from 20 different countries in the Asia-Pacific region to attend “EnviroSchool 2000” to be held at Lincoln University on the understanding that the students would pay for their passage to New Zealand. On return to their own countries, the students will set up programmes in the high school in collaboration with the local Rotary community to create awareness and interest in environmental protection.

The Rotary Club of Hong Kong had asked round all clubs in the District for nominations and had written to local schools as well. In the end, the Club’s Youth Activity Committee short-listed six students for an interview. The job of the Panel was to select a winner.

All the six students were good. It was a joy and pleasant experience to see sixteen and seventeen years old behaving so well, talking sensibly and even intelligently. We finally picked a winner, and the decision was unanimous. Many clubs have good projects. It would benefit other clubs and members if projects such as the one I just described can be made known to more people.

It was a busy week. I would sign off here and I hope to see you at the District Rotary Foundation Seminar this weekend.

Talk to you soon.

John Wan

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