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My Autobiography – The First Lines

My last letter was uploaded on 5 April 2015. This one sentence should speak volumes, but it hasn’t, except perhaps to me and me alone. Here I am, in Metropolitan Hotel in Downtown Vancouver, having met four groups of friends in two days and having been booked for a bus trip tomorrow for Whistler, I […]

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Happy Easter

The sign outside Lai Chi Kok Park registered 30.2 degrees Celsius, bombax blossoms fell all over the pavement outside Ricci Hall, azaleas were in full blossoms, the sky was blue, and it was sunny and warm everywhere. It looks like summer has arrived. What fitting weather for Easter! We left Whistler when it was beginning […]

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Eat Sleep Ski – Part 4

I left off some five weeks ago when Whistler had a day of heavy rain and snow so much so that most chair lifts were closed. We returned to our homey Hong Kong for Chinese New Year, to catch up on lost sleep and lost news, to eat and drink and be with indulgent friends, […]

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Eat Sleep Ski – Part 3

I have noticed that internet traffic tends to be much lower on weekends: there are generally fewer emails and uploads such that weekend uploads have fewer viewers if at all, which might explain that my last letters had attracted very few readers, but that’s neither here nor there. In an age where people rely heavily […]

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Eat Sleep Ski – Part 2

I began my skiing career in February 2012 when I wrote four Letters from Whistler. I went back to these letters before I started writing this one, and I can’t help telling you that I was somewhat amused by what I had written then and am glad that I had done so. We had paid […]

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Eat Sleep Ski – Part 1

Elizabeth Gilbert wrote her Eat Pray Love which became a best seller and which was further popularized by Julia Roberts in the 2010 film of the same title. Sitting on my desk with sore limbs from five continuous albeit not full days of skiing, and with Su going out on solo, I thought that maybe we […]

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I left off where we were making our way to JFK Airport for Vancouver with the hope I would write to you from there. I never did. Surprise, surprise!! Now in the warm of our hotel room in Whistler after a quickly-put-together but wholesome dinner, and a week later, let me recall Vancouver. As a […]

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From NYC to YVR

It never got nearly as cold as they had described when we were in NYC even though the mercury dropped below -8 Degrees Celsius when we were there. Indeed, it had been sunny most of the time, and I needed sunglasses to go out of the hotel. Central Park looked rather frosty and barren though […]

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Back to New York City

I went to a few weddings and funerals recently. Weddings were inevitably in respect of children of friends, long on speeches and slapsticks but sometimes short on thanksgiving, while funerals were of friends, some older but some not so old. I met a long time friend at the last funeral and we went all the […]

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