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Inertia, leadership and youths

I have been contemplating to talk to you on a number of things, perhaps too many, ranging from the very petty happenings around my life to the esoteric, from what I feel about our club, other clubs, our members and our district to how I see the war unfolding. I have been through this before […]

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The day the world changed

That was the title of The Economist’s leader for last week. By now, numerous articles must have been written, magazines and books produced, tons of paper used for their printing, endless emails exchanged across countries and continents, even more endless discussions in all media, airports and stock markets closed and re-opened, and so on. World […]

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Five senses and five wits

The five senses are of course the five natural powers which give a person or animal information about the world outside. They are sight, hearing, feeling, tasting and smelling. The deprivation or impairment of any one of the senses would cause serious inconvenience to the subject in question on the one hand, and have generated […]

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Four Movies and a Dance Expo

Spy Kids, Planet of the Apes, Jurassic Park and Artificial Intelligence, what have they all got in common? Yes, they are all movie titles, but you cannot be serious if you expect a prize for that. Let me save you the guesswork, for this could be a frustrating experience, and besides, you couldn’t possibly know […]

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I attended a Rotaract club meeting

Chan Ka-lok is the Professional Development Director of the Rotaract Club of Kingspark. He told me weeks ago that he had invited Cao Renchao of the Economical Journal to speak at the Club’s August General Meeting and asked me to join the meeting last weekend. Mr. Cao is a household name in town, well known […]

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How are you my friend?

My Dear Rotarians and Friends, in particular, my fellow club members, I was rather thrilled when I saw for the first time “Letters from a Rotarian” in print. I had arranged for 100 copies to be delivered to the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre on 20 July so that each outgoing and incoming president […]

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