A Busy Week

I left last time talking about how we spent a full day hiking the Wu Kau Tang area, and ended up missing a cocktail in the evening. We began last week before daybreak packing for a brunch outing at what someone had called Lovers Island which we stumbled onto accidentally the week before. Su had recruited Mark to bring overnight chilled bubblies (three bottles) and had persuaded Andrew to take his car as far as he could beyond the restricted areas, with chilled water and more chilled wine, plus some playthings for the beaches. Su packed into her handy shopping trolley my Selangor pewter wine glasses, some cutlery, fruits and salads, home-made scrambled eggs and cheese, and freshly made bread and buns from Mei Foo. Catherine and Joann had agreed to join, but recanted last minute for logistical reasons; so that we ended up with only four for brunch. We met Mark at the Pak Tam Au Visitors Centre Carpark before 7 am as planned when Andrew called to apologize that he had overslept and would be late. Mark checked the latest weather report which didn’t favour watersports so that Su asked Andrew not to carry most of the gears he had planned to get into his car. Mark, Su and I caught the 7 am Route 94 Bus and were at Tai Tan by 7:15 am.

The weather was mild and indeed sufficiently cool at first and we arrived the site shortly after 8:30 am. The dinner table had been put aside; the hammock was gone; some furniture had been removed or downsized; and some fixtures relocated. Mark still found the place aesthetic, serene, peaceful and unusual. It was high tide and the sea covered a lot more of the beaches than last time. He uncorked the first bottle, which was cool and crispy; and I found out that Su had brought our extra light wine cooler along together with some ice packs – how thoughtful. We reassembled the dinner table, as Mark produced a plastic bright yellow table cloth and Su laid out her cheese and bread. Thus we started our homey brunch in style, listening to the waves lapping up gently against the rocks. Time slipped by quickly and soon we found ourselves finishing the third bottle as we discussed when we would have the next party, with Mark saying with conviction that the amenities wouldn’t be demolished or removed that soon. But Andrew was still out of sight, not until 11 am – he went back to sleep again. The supplies he brought in were rather potent, particularly the sake, which we couldn’t finish, notwithstanding that we continued to party there until 1:30 pm after we put back the dinner table where we found it and picked up all the empty bottles and rubbish.  Andrew took the lead for the trip back to his car and he walked rather fast so that we were by the side of his car by 2:15 pm, but by the time we moved our cars from the carpark, it was 2:45 pm; and we didn’t get back to our flat until 4 pm, suitably exhausted.

We freshened up ourselves as quickly as possible and packed for our next sojourn which included an overnight staycation in Causeway Bay after the cocktail reception we had agreed to attend at the HK Convention and Exhibition Centre. It was the Opening of The Divers Ensemble: Paintings and Calligraphy from the Collection of You Yi Tong. Under the current pandemic situations, the cocktail reception was reduced to a number of speeches, mostly through Zoom, followed by a tour of the exhibits which Su and I enjoyed very much. We left after thanking our friend who invited us and made our trip to the hotel nearby.

But first I should explain why Su had planned for a night out; and I would be brief. We had agreed to have lunch the next day at a friend’s place in the South of Hong Kong Island, which would be only a short trip from Causeway Bay. Meanwhile, Su found a rather attractive birthday package offered by this hotel in Causeway Bay; and the plan was hatched. Shortly after we checked in, the staff told us that the Management had decided to further upgrade our package and to extend our check out time. We had no problem with that; and indeed we could live with such hospitality very easily. So we had a quiet evening and a quiet breakfast the next morning. There were only around a dozen guests throughout the 90 minutes we had breakfast in the restaurant. We then visited the pool which was on the rooftop and used other facilities in the room before we called transport to our friend’s place to have lunch. It was another birthday party which we thoroughly enjoyed, the food, the wine and the company in particular. After lunch, we tried Uber which proved to be very convenient and were back in the hotel for some much needed rest before my next function in the evening. Su accompanied me in yet another Uber trip to Tsim Sha Tsui East where she boarded the West Rail back to Mei Foo and I went for my Rotary meeting, which was another story.

The following day, which was Wednesday, would have been easier had Francis not asked for a breakfast meeting which I found out when I got up in the wee hours and couldn’t say no. So we had breakfast at KCC and went over a couple of things that were best left unrecorded, but which I treasured – these breakfasts between blood brothers have been valuable and could well have planted seeds for another memoir – and often leave unanswered questions to be explored and reminisced.

I took the convenience of being there and had a session at the gym of KCC before returning Mei Foo. In the evening, I had a meeting in Zetland Hall before returning to Mei Foo, once again, feeling rather tired. I knew I needed to take some rest to prepare for the next day which marked the twelfth anniversary of my wedding with Su. We had not planned anything for the occasion, but good friends – Winnie and Kelvin, Terence, Andrew and Jeffrey – had organized at short notice between them a dinner which we gladly and humbly agreed to participate. I woke up from my short nap only to find out that Su had got from her fishmonger an unusual catch – a 4.5 catty fish of sashimi quality – that warranted immediate treatment and consumption. So I obliged and uncorked a good bubbly to go with it before we went for the anniversary dinner. There were the obligatory bubblies, possibly three bottles, plus some whiskeys and yellow wine, and of course a cheese cake with candles and what not, which all added to the memories; and then we had a remote phone call through WeChat from Peter updating us his most recent conditions, exploits and dispositions, all very interesting.

I woke up through a series of weird dreams, with the constitution demanding hydration, so that I couldn’t make morning Mass. I needed some rest for the evening meetings in Zetland Hall. I was to have to attend two meetings, but I only managed to attend one and was about to return home afterwards, for I had forgotten to book dinner, but Terence and Kelvin suggested dinner elsewhere and I was too weak to refuse. It was a good dinner; and I was back in Mei Foo shortly after 10 pm.

Saturday finally arrived. We went to our standing lunch at CRC after which we adjourned to Kau’s Café before I went to Zetland Hall for a meeting followed by dinner at the Chinese Club while Su went back to Mei Fu for some rest and quiet moments. Su reminded me that her two very good friends Annie and Meimei would visit us on Sunday for a farewell party for Meimei. We had a good and memorable party; and the girls had just left.

It was quite a week, packed with food and drinks, and with lots of activities and memories. I hope to talk to you soon.

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