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To anyone who loves or has ever loved Hong Kong or to anyone who knows Hong Kong at all, the year about to end will go down in history as a momentous year, one that marks the beginning of a new epoch in the history of the piece of land that had been long called […]

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Getting Ready For Some Travels

One of the often asked questions of me at parties and gatherings is from where we have just been back or when we would be going away, implying that friends have a perception that we travel a lot. Actually, that is not quite true. We did travel a bit more frequently in the beginning years […]

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While Su Was Away

I left Chongqing by the first flight yesterday, leaving Su behind for some real sightseeing, food and bonding with my friends. From the pictures they sent back, I believe they had a great time. While waiting for Su to come back, I find time to write another short piece. Chongqing was only two hours from […]

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Su’s parents were second or third generation Indonesian Chinese. They were high school classmates in a famous school in Jakarta and both came from well to do families. In 1951, they responded to calls from the Motherland to return to China to build up the country. They were then 19. They went to universities in […]

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To DPRK and Back – Part 2 – The Attractions

DPRK is often described as a secretive country that is not open to the outside world, let alone tourists; is hostile to the West, in particular to imperialist America; is poor and where the people have insufficient food and are dying from hunger; and so on. In practice, a lot of what have been and […]

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To Nepal and Back – Part 4 – The People on the Treks

The people we met in the mountains included fellow trekkers of all nationalities: many Chinese, mostly young, Malaysians, Singaporeans, Thais, Vietnamese, Australians, New Zealanders, Europeans, British, Americans, South Americans, Canadians and locals, namely Nepalese. Typically, some young people had decided to take a holiday of one to two weeks in the mountains. They were time […]

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