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I must be one of the few growing up in Hong Kong without having to wear eye glasses, until recently. A few years ago, I began to see double every time I teed off. Then I had problem discerning the route number of approaching buses. I went to see my doctor friend who said that […]

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Politics, Anyone?

Since I last wrote to you, a lot has happened and so it seems: America has installed a new President who wasted no time to make his presence felt; the Year of the Rooster has crept in; and we marked the beginning of spring a few days ago, on which day Carrie Lam also announced […]

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The last article posted under “Letters from John Wan” on my personal website was entitled “Farewell Address” and dated September 2016. It had been on my website as a standalone piece for as long as my website was there, but when I created the new category in September 2016, I decided to lump it together […]

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A New Year Meltdown

If you have been wondering why I have not been sending you emails or answering to yours in the past few days, it is because my email system has been shut down involuntarily. I am experiencing what I call a New Year Meltdown. Let me briefly elaborate. I was planning for a quiet evening last […]

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Another Thankful Year

Let me begin by thanking all the friends and acquaintances who have been creating, sending or routing messages and greetings with their best wishes for the holiday seasons and the year ahead. They began to come in around the second week of Advent, normally through WhatsApp, Facebook, emails or other social media. Some are long, […]

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On Forgiveness – 3 October 2016

I felt strong enough this morning to resume my treadmill session; and while at it, watched CNN Incredible Stories which featured amongst other things the amazing story of Eva Moses Kor. Eva and Miriam were born twins in January 1934. When she was ten, the family was taken to Auschwitz where the twins were separated […]

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How Long Should An Article Be – 2 October 2016

I always have great admiration for the columnists who have their daily pieces printed in newspapers. They all need to meet deadlines which requires great discipline, determination and motivation. I have talked to one or two people and asked what made them tick. Naturally, they won’t share their trade secrets so readily; and besides I […]

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Lessons from Job – 28 September 2016

It has been rather hot and sunny: yesterday was over 35 degrees and today is not much better with tropical cyclone warning issued early in the day. I have come down with flu and have forced myself to stay indoors and mostly in bed, drinking plenty of water and going to the bathroom rather often. […]

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On Writing – 25 September 2016

Much has been said and written about writing in general and why people write in particular. Somehow, I often have the urge to write. A few things happened to me in the last fortnight or so; and let me try to share them with you, not in any particular order. First, I threw a party and […]

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